Eucerin Baby Baño y Shampoo

Con bisabolol y pantenol

Un producto de limpieza sin jabón que es suave para la delicada piel y el cabello del bebé, y ayuda proteger la piel frente a la resequedad.

Baby skin needs special care. As its protective barrier develops it can be especially vulnerable to chafing and rashes, and easily irritated by soap and harsh surfactants. Eucerin Baby Bath & Shampoo is soap- and perfume-free, with gently cleansing ingredients that minimize eye irritations. Bisabolol and Panthenol soothe and moisturise skin, helping to protect skin from drying out and reduce irritation. This mild formula is suitable for daily use.


  • Frequent bathing can dry out delicate baby skin. During the first year, a bath two or three times a week is sufficient. Avoid long baths and hot water.

Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin Baby Bath & Shampoo if …

Try a different product if …

Your baby has sensitive skin and scalp, or skin is dry, chapped, or red:

Eucerin Baby Bath & Shampoo is an extremely gentle soap-free cleanser specifically designed for delicate baby skin and hair.

Your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients.

Frequently asked questions

How can you tell if a product is safe for sensitive skin?

Eucerin Sensitive Skin products have been specially developed to combine excellent skin protection and regeneration with clinically proven skin tolerability. However, in general, if you’re trying out a new product, apply it repeatedly to skin at the flexure of the elbow. If it does not lead to redness, swelling or itching the product can be assumed to be compatible with your skin.

Talk to your dermatologist or pharmacist if you’re worried about any of your symptoms.

What are surfactants, and which ones does Eucerin use?

Surfactants are active cleansing agents, also called active surface or active interface substances. They are organic compounds that influence the molecular adhesion on the contact surfaces of various materials (like skin and dirt particles) by reducing the surface tension to ease the removal of dirt particles, for example.
Eucerin cleansing products contain mild surfactants that demonstrate excellent skin compatibility, documented in comprehensive clinical studies.

Eucerin pH5 Activa las defensas naturales de la piel

¿Y si hubiera una marca que no tratara su piel de manera superficial?